Different Ways To Get Noticed At The Office

The worst thing a person can do when trying to climb the corporate ladder is blending in with the rest of the staff. Being noticed in the office for your hard work can be difficult especially in an office with quite a few staff members. The following are some ways to be noticed in the office and possibly be offered that promotion you’ve been wanting.

Different Ways To Get Noticed At The Office

When looking to be noticed by managers at your job it is paramount to be doing high quality work on a consistent basis. Inconsistent work will get you noticed but not for the right reasons. It is important to communicate if there is going to be any issues with deadlines. Many managers will appreciate a heads up a few weeks out from the deadline as this makes it easier to communicate the new timeline to the client. Building a relationship with a big client that you are a point of contact with can be a fast track to management.

Dress for the job that you want rather than the job that you have has been said for decades in one form or another. Presenting yourself in a professional manner has not been lost on the older generation. In offices that are full of millennials with a relaxed dress code, dressing professionally can help you stand apart from the crowd. Stores like Rue 21 now have coupons on Groupon that are updated daily. This can make it easy to dress well while also keeping your budget in mind.

Taking the initiative in the office can be difficult for those who are introverted. Starting an initiative like a health initiative can build team morale as well as show management you are ready for more responsibility. These types of programs can be fun for staff as well as show your propensity for leading a group effectively.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to stand apart from the crowd in the office. Do not allow yourself to blend in with the crowd as this can thwart your chances for advancement in the company. Get noticed for the right reasons and ensure you have a shot next time promotions are given out!

Developing Sound Working Habits

When you want to successfully work from home, developing and adhering to a sound and productive working habits is a must. It might not be too easy to achieve, but with dedication and constant practice you can master it in no time. You can make working from home not only a lucrative, but also a wonderful experience.

Here are a few things you may want to consider when you set up working habits that you want to adhere to:

  1. Create a time table and be sure to strictly follow this. The key to being a successful home worker is to discipline yourself to allot a specific time of day when you can finish every work related tasks. It is easy to be occupied with other things and waste precious time if you do not set specific time frames for the things you have to do.
  2. Create your own workspace. It might entail a bit of work, but setting up your very own office at work will prove to be most efficient in the long run. With a designated place to work in, where there is less clutter and less things to preoccupy you, you will be sure to accomplish more tasks and be more productive.
  3. Update and furnish your home office. Your home office is your very own investment, so make sure you update it from time to time. Get a comfortable chair where you can sit away for long period of time without the back aches.

There are many sound and productive habits you can practice and develop. If you have one already, please do share it with us.

Apologizing for My Absence

I have no updates for the past few months as I have been very busy with my volunteer work. Yes, I did some volunteer work in Vietnam for three months. I taught English to children and even professionals.

While I was there, I also continued working with my client online. I taught English for 24 hours in a week including weekends. So, I spent the rest of the time preparing for my lessons and working online. Aside from that, I did researches for writing project about musical instruments of famous brands such as Craviotto, Sterling and others.

My hands were full while I stayed there. And since I had accumulated a lot of work from my other projects, I am still busy up to this moment. Even after arriving (a month has passed), I continue to be busy. With this, I apologize. I may not be able to update this blog with relevant topics. I will write again as soon as I clear up some of my pending projects. I hope you will stay tuned for that!